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  • Tropic Thunder (Unrated) ( (DVD))

Tropic Thunder (Unrated) ( (DVD))

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Condition: Very Good (Open Box/Used) - Amazon.com It's not really a knock to say that nothing in Tropic Thunder is funnier than its first five minutes, so sly that--especially for people watching in theaters--you don't realize right away they are the

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Condition: Very Good (Open Box/Used) - Amazon.com It's not really a knock to say that nothing in Tropic Thunder is funnier than its first five minutes, so sly that--especially for people watching in theaters--you don't realize right away they are the opening minutes of the movie. This outrageous comedy begins with a series of fake previews, each introducing one of the main characters in the film-proper (not that there's anything proper about this film) and each bearing the familiar logo of a different motion picture studio: Universal, DreamWorks SKG, et al. Such playing fast and loose with corporate talismans verges on sacrilege, but it's an index of how much le tout Tinseltown endorses the movie as a demented valentine to itself. The premise is that the cast of a would-be Son of Rambo movie shooting in some Southeast Asian jungle get into a real shooting war with drug-smuggling montagnards. Don't ask--though the movie does have an answer--why such highly paid, usually ultra-pampered personnel as superhero Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller), Mozart of fart comedy Jeff Portnoy (Jack Black), hip-hop artist Alpa Chino (Brandon T. Jackson), and five-time Oscar-winner Kirk Lazarus from Aus-try-leeah (Robert Downey Jr.) should be running through the jungle unattended and very vulnerable. It matters only that the real-life cast has a high time kidding their own profession and flexing their comedic muscles. Bonus points go to Stiller for co-writing the script (with Justin Theroux) and directing, and to Downey, brilliant as a white actor surgically turned black actor for his role and utterly committed to staying in character no matter what (I don't drop character till I done the DVD commentary). Be warned: The movie, too, is committed--to being an equal-opportunity offender. Its political incorrectness extends not only to Lazarus's black-like-me posturing but also Speedman's recent, Sean Penn?style Oscar bid playing a cognitively challenged farmboy--or, in Lazarus's deathless phrase, going the full retard. Others in the cast include Steve Coogan as a director out of his depth, Nick Nolte as the Viet-vet novelist whose book inspired the film-within-the-film, Matthew McConaughey as Speedman's sun-blissed agent back home, and Tom Cruise--bald, fat-suited, and profane--as an epically repulsive studio head. Two hours running time is a mite excessive, but otherwise, what's not to like? --Richard T. Jameson Stills from Tropic Thunder (Click for larger image) Product Description In this $109.5 million-grossing movie starring Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr., five pampered actors on the set of a Vietnam War movie are thrust into real-life danger. Bonuses: cast commentary, featurettes, cast profiles, MTV Movie Awards f Set Contains: As promised, Robert Downey Jr.--or is it Kirk Lazarus?--is still in character as Lincoln Osiris for one of two commentary tracks on Disc One. In addition to reminiscences by Downey, Ben Stiller, and Jack Black (who sends out for a cheeseburger), there's a session with the filmmakers, including Stiller-as-director and ace cameraman John Toll. These are amusing and reasonably illuminating--especially regarding choices about good stuff left out of the theatrical version--and anticipate some of the material covered in Disc Two featurettes. Among those, Before the Thunder recalls the 10-year period when Stiller and co-writer Justin Theroux e-mailed scenes to each other as they gathered ideas for the eventual movie. The Hot LZ supplies details on FX work and the state-of-the-art video storyboarding used in the production. Blowing S#%t Up you can figure out for yourself, while Designing the Thunder testifies to the mass of detail that was imagined, Stroheim-like, for the film even though much of it would never be shot. And The Cast of Tropic Thunder includes the inside story on how one actor's rapport with a water buffalo led to her subsequently born calf being named Jack Black. Still, the high points

  • Unrated Director's Cut. Special Features on Disc 1 - Filmmaker and Cast Commentaries.
  • Special Features on Disc 2 * Before the Thunder * The Hot LZ * Blowing S#%t Up
  • * Designing the Thunder * The Cast of Tropic Thunder * Rain of Madness
  • * Dispatches from the Edge of Madness * Deleted and Extended Scenes * Alternate Ending
  • * MTV Movie Awards - Tropic Thunder * Full Mags * Video Rehearsals
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